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A line of smoking apparatus/glassware that is designed and blown in both Germany and some parts of the United States. The difference in quality of an American ROOR compared to a German ROOR is nil. American ROOR has the blowers signature above the stem, compared to a German blower who puts the signature beside the stem. Again, there is NO difference in quality. It's the exact same company blowing and distributing them, just located in a different country. That is the most common mistake made between the two.

They are known to most uneducated smokers as the greatest glass bongs/pieces on earth, but in reality they are just overpriced tubes which cannot easily be replaced if broken. It's a common thing for ROOR owners to claim their piece will get you much higher than any other bong, but this is the unfortunate self-deception that 99.99% of ROOR owners fall victim to. There are much better bongs out there, most of which are in fact far less expensive.

Their logo does look cool and somewhat abstract, which is the only reason people actually buy them. If they distributed the exact same glass without the logo, their sales would plummet.
Buying a ROOR is just like buying overpriced designer clothes. You're just paying for the name, and it provides no real benefit. It's still going to break if you drop it, and you won't get any higher when you use it.
by Cannabus Maximus October 01, 2011

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