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To make a connection based on logical fallacies.
Jon Stewart "Glenn Becked" Sarah Palin last night - he determined she's a Russian spy because she likes to wear red, chases moose (like Natasha on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show) and calls herself a momma grizzly (Russia's symbol is the bear!).
by CandyLiz2003 February 02, 2011
a laugh-a-minute riot. Joke upon joke. Pee your pants funny.
Robin Williams stand-up is a lols-apalooza. Steven Cobert's "The Word" is a lols-apalooza. Bill Maher's "New Rules" is a lols-apalooza. If you want to experience a lols-apalooza, watch the video of Bill O'Reilly freaking out.
by CandyLiz2003 May 28, 2010

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