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An innocent children's treat that implies penis.
Lil' Wayne: "I'll let you lick a lollipop."
Small child: "REALLY?!?!"
by Candicks August 21, 2009
A racist piece of shit who has cast precisely one (1) white person in all of his approximately 38 thousand movies.
He continues to mock the white population by creating more shitty movies THAT ARE ALL THE SAME.
Person 1: "What the hell is this shit? It looks like an Eddie Murphy movie but worse."
Person 2: "Yeah, Tyler Perry's been polluting HBO with his inarticulate trash for quite some time now."
Person 1: "Wow, what a dick."
by Candicks August 22, 2009
A relatively short amount of time that seems to take an agonizingly long time to get over with.
Person #1: "Hey, I heard you fucked Tommy last night."
Person #2: "Worst fuck of my life. Ten seconds took a dick year."
by Candicks August 20, 2009
To type in such a way that you spell out how a word sounds, rather than how it's actually spelled. This is often confused with being bat fucking retarded, but in actuality is used to mock people with no ability to find and use a spellchecker.

Occasionally, one might use lawllyspeek so often that they become bat fucking retarded.
John: "Hayyyyyyy maahn. Ai herd yu wer saein' shit uhbowt mi last niteeeee. Wehl fuk yu."
Jack: "Seriously? Shut the fuck up and die, thanks."

(translation from lawllyspeek for the illiterate: "Hey man, I herd you were saying shit about me last night. Well fuck you.")
by Candicks August 22, 2009
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