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a good chirp for the retards thats think they know what they're doing when it comes to chirping and string random chirps together to make them sound cool
Retard: "did you get my t-bombski last night? pretty messy eh? did you wheel that one broad you were tellin me about cuz i heard you were in a stick tilt and pumped the guys eye shut."

Real Chirp: "Easy there chirpdeck, you don't wanna use them all at once."
by Canadian Chirp January 22, 2009
When some plug that just got into a scrap thinks they can kick the crap out of anyone when really they punch like they're at an 8 year old girls slumber party
tough guy: "ya buddy ill rearrange your teeth"

you: "gimme a break pillow paws"
by Canadian Chirp March 23, 2010

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