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undoubtedly an imaginary friend of "datrell jenkins", who is a bigoted white polluting this site with rubbish.
all you racist cracKKKas should swim back to europe, carryin, a pedophile under each arm.
by Canada street's in the bldg April 26, 2005
Get canada street's in the bldg on the case. He'll beat those dirty crackers senseless before they get a chance to molest the baby, as whites are often prone to. Then he'll point a .22 at the grand fuctart, or whatever they call their leader, he'll shit himself,the end.
get on out from under that sheet, mr.bush, we know it's you.
by Canada street's in the bldg April 26, 2005
character from the book and movie Roots. This "i love smoking pot" character seems fixated on the idea of George having a large penis. Pot-head is obviously a white faggot with severe issues concerning Black manhood. He wishes slavery still existed, but not with me on his plantation. I would have blown his head off.
racist cracKKKas, go back to filthy europe with its faggots, nazis, pedophiles and all other manner of detritis.
by Canada street's in the bldg April 24, 2005
shorthand for PUNK, a synonym for the dickless, bigoted brain-dead variety of white scum who hides behind a "ghetto" sounding name when he posts garbage on this website.
If Black power is a joke, your ass is the PUNCHline.
by Canada street's in the bldg April 26, 2005

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