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(noun) The denial expressed by an individual about their lack of popularity, despite all physical evidence to the contrary.
"Are you in Loser Denial?"
"I had a bad case of Loser Denial myself"
by Campex September 03, 2007
The process of making awkward.
"So I thought I was in with that chick... But I totally awkwified the sitch by nerding it up. Didn't go down terribly well."

"Man, you always know just how to awkwify the moment. You should practice preventing that awkwification.
by Campex April 29, 2008
The abbreviated form of "mention". Used in short form for the slack younger culture of the noughties. Used most often in conjunction with other short form words.
"Did I mench that I was accepted into the Bollywood Hall Of Fame?"

"As a matter of fact, you did mench that. You mench'd that many, many, many times.
by campex May 06, 2008
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