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my world.
my soul.
my feelings.
my drug.
my reason why I get up in the morning.
my escape.
my haven.
my heaven.

I would believe the feeling is mutual.
"music is... indescribable."
by Campbell Vreeland July 06, 2008
tuls is just slut backwards. Use tuls when you want to call someone a slut but you are in front of someone who would find that offencive or would tell the person you are talking about. (e.g. teacher, parent, friend of the slut.)
"OMG, don't you think Anna is such a tuls?"
by Campbell Vreeland July 10, 2008
acronim for Just So You Know. can be used in a smug, sinsere, sarcastic, or normal sense.
( katie ¢¾¢¾ ) says: oh jsyk i quit Facebook.

- Zac - says: oh man i just added u as my friend. :(
by Campbell Vreeland July 06, 2008
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