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one who displays characteristics of shablam; one who is or is characterized by being like Hy or Cameron
Cameron and Hy are complete shablamici.
by Cameron November 25, 2003
A saying used by overly stupid people to try to be cool..even though they know that it has no meaning whatsoever.
me: shut up..
some idiot your mom
by Cameron April 23, 2003
Used to make fun of those who use abbriviations much too often such as: LOL, OMFG, OMR, WTF, GG, CRNKT, PWNED etc.
Billy says: lolol Wtf r u doin? OOMFG wtf ur problm?

John says: Shut the fuck up faggot, TVVCRDVD
by Cameron February 28, 2005
To destroy something. See Men.
Owww I manked my foot!
by Cameron September 04, 2003
a person who drives a VW Vanagon
Look, who's that Honiss over there?
by Cameron March 31, 2003
Named after the famous Shakespearean play Hamlet. An expression used when someone's bitch ass is whining too much.
Oh you bitch too much, you must have seen the famous play Wamlet.
by Cameron March 24, 2005
The younger, Sexier version of Fabio. Total ladies man.
Ba-Damn, look at Camio. What a pimp!
by Cameron October 06, 2004
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