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2 definitions by CalmYourself

When fucking in the shower goes horribly wrong, resulting in a trip to the hospital, one month of abstinence and a slight lean to the left.
I have a broken penis.
by calmyourself February 02, 2010
An awesome public high school on the east coast that does not get enough credit. They have extremely high success rates for graduates and have great teachers. Some Certificate of Merit classes and all Standard classes are a joke; both the material, students, and teachers. The students that choose to apply themselves do well and have a decent life. The area is a mix of suburban and rural, mainly due to industrialization from a naval base. People are inclined to say that they hate the area and school but never seem to leave.
Person 1: Dude, I hate it here! Especially Leonardtown High School!
Person 2: I KNOW! I'm gettin outta here as soon as I can.
*20 years later*
Person 2: This town sucks! I'm, glad we didn't graduate.
Person 1: Yeah, man. I can't wait till I leave.
Person 3: So when are you leaving?
Person 1: ...
by CalmYourself April 30, 2012