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1. Preppy, bitchy girls living in the colder regions of America.

2. Girls whose outfits usually consist of Northface fleece jackets, Ugg boots, tight, black leggings, and copious amounts of makeup. Some tundra bitches will substitute the fleece for a fur-hooded coat.
Guy: That tundra bitch is hot.

Guy 2: Yeah, if girls who look like Yetis with fake tans appeal to you.
by Call Me Email January 26, 2010
(N.) A female only slightly underage, usually by one or two years.
James: Beth's been looking really good lately, huh?

Nicholas: Hands off, dude. She's a green tomato. Not quite ripe yet.
by Call Me Email February 15, 2010
(N.) The initial ascent of a hand to the precipice of a breast, wherein the nipple represents the peak.
Peter: I got to second base with Jamie last night.

Nicholas: Nice. I love summiting the mountain.
by Call Me Email February 15, 2010
1. A person who can never stay at one locale for an evening.

2. A drug dealer who changes your decided upon meeting location frequently.
Guy One: This party is so sick! I'm glad we got here just in time. Let's get some punch!

Guy Two: Yeah, this has been pretty cool. Wanna hit up Peter's now?

Guy One: It's been six minutes...


Dealer: Alright, so the parking lot behind the school.

Customer: Okay, see you there.

Dealer: Actually, how's the BK by the movie theater?

Customer: That's fine. So I'll see you-

Dealer: Aaactually, let's just do this at the-

Customer: PICK A GODDAMN SPOT, you spot hopper!
by Call Me Email January 18, 2010
Respectable pectoral muscles.
Guy: You wanna hit the gym today?

Guy 2: Sure, I have to work my triceps.

Guy: Yeah, and I've got to get some respectorals. My pectorals are so not respect-worthy.
by Call Me Email February 08, 2010
(N.) 1. The first person to disconnect in a chatroulette video conference.

(N.) 2. Someone who frequently "nexts" people in chatroulette.
Guy: So, I actually found a girl on chatroulette last night. We talked for like ten minutes, it was pretty special.

Guy 2: Wow. So which one of you was the nexter?

Guy: She was. I swear, it's like the second I reach for my zipper...


Guy: I was chatrouletting with Dan last night. We didn't really talk to anyone.

Guy 2: Yeah, he's a big nexter. I think it's become a reflex after seeing so much wang.
by Call Me Email March 09, 2010

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