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3 definitions by Caliman

A piece of ass-skin resembling the tied end of a balloon or piece of popcorn chicken located within the assholes perimeter.
Janet's butt knot was in full view while she got pounded doggy-style by Jack. Chrissy liked the looks of the butt knot and proceeded to bite it gently.
by Caliman April 23, 2003
Same as Choda - skin section between genitals and asshole. "Cuzif it wasnt there your insides would fall out".
She said my cuzif smelt a little cheezy.
by Caliman April 23, 2003
Same as - Dutch Oven. The act of trapping your mate under sheets, blankets or comfortor after farting in them.
I trapped my wife in the fart locker while she gave me a blow job.
by Caliman April 23, 2003