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Adjective. Describes the emotional state of a person who willingly decides to continue doing business with a person or company despite previous experience with that person or company rather than because of it.
The cell phone company finally admitted to their error and credited my account after I spent four hours on the telephone yelling at various customer service managers. But I like my phone too much to switch to another carrier that won't offer the same one, so I'll keep renewing my contract with them. I'm just another pissatisfied customer.
by CaliforniaWyrdSmythe October 13, 2009
Adjective. A portmanteau describing an unnecessarily complicated process. It's not just complicated, it's fucking complicated. Thus, fomplicated. Usually applied to processes that could easily be simplified, since sometimes a process can be justifiably complicated without giving a person the urge to scream expletives.
Those IRS tax forms are way too fomplicated to fill out and send in. I find it's much simpler to just do jail time.
by CaliforniaWyrdSmythe October 14, 2009
The quasi-medical condition that occurs in the 7-45 day period following a patient's discovery of the Angry Birds game on their mobile device. Symptoms include failure to control facial hair growth, a decrease in personal hygiene, loss of employment, and missing person reports.
I was in the hospital waiting room waiting for my wife to give birth when somebody told me about Angry Birds. The next moment I was suddenly a divorced father of month-old triplets whose names I didn't know. Damn bird coma. But hey, at least I got all the golden eggs!
by CaliforniaWyrdSmythe December 31, 2010

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