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A person with a smartphone that has access to thousands of free apps and becomes obsessed with them, and spends 25 hours a day looking through, and downloading, apps. They are consumed by them the way Ursula is consumed with the persuit of king Tritan's crown and staff of power.
Put down your ****ing phone and take care of your kids for Pete's sake. I'm gonna call CPS, apphole.
by caliwilli September 12, 2010
Music that chokes social traffic and pollutes the airwaves. Usually resulting in road rage and or fatalaties. Possibly cancer.
Did you smell pit bulls new smusic? I should call the EPA.
by CaliWilli May 15, 2010
A magical event resulting from either prayer, potion mixing, coincedence or a combination thereof.
Did you see that, right when I prayed to buhda that my potion would make you vote this definition down, you did. That's religiocally magicious.
by caliwilli September 19, 2010
A person from 'the projects' whom is over the age of 55 but still carries a glock 9 and sips on gin and juice while wearing a flannel shirt with only the top button correctly buttoned. Senior Snoop Dogg's are know to 'jump shit off' if they are not given their discount at Denny's. They will also 'ride ona mu fucka' if they do not receive they're Zaroxolyn in a timely fashion. If you take the last ramekin of tapioca pudding you are likely to have a 'cap popped in yo bitch ass'.
Geriatric person 1, 'Where's Mr. Von Struedel been?'
Geriatric person 2, 'He passed away, you didn't hear?'
Geriatric person 1, 'WHAT, your going to have to speak up, I lost my hearing in Nam.'
Geriatric person 2, (shouting) 'HE PASSED AWAY!'
Geriatric person 1, 'Oh no, did his heart give out?'
Geriatric person 1, 'Von Struedel should've known better, that Mr Jones is a trilla nigga.'
Geriatric person 2, 'Yea, he's a real Senior Snoop Dogg.'
Geriatric person 1, 'huh'
Geriatric person 2, 'I SAID FUCK OFF.'
by CaliWilli June 12, 2011

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