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12 definitions by Cali

is a gay sweeden kid that plays a game called counter-strike
hey lolen wanna play some CS??
oh man you are so funny.i love you
by Cali February 09, 2005
A cross between chicken head, and a trick.
A hoe, or some body who is a jump off!!
That chick is a tricken to tha fullest.
by CaLi October 02, 2003
A Guy who is Crazy and well you know...
Omg Lumi is touching me!
by Cali June 26, 2003
The more appropriate way of spelling FUCK YOU.
I had fun phuqing u last week!
by Cali June 26, 2003
a better way of spelling FUCK YOU, and sometimes can be used without saying a word...like flipping the bird.
did she phuque last night? Well she phuqued me
by Cali June 20, 2003