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dude looks like a ladyyyy....
hey yo this is Nok spittin some mad me flow, yo! fo sho
by youre beautiful December 01, 2004
Nok's a pimp... you should see his Force's!!!!!!!!!! mutha fucking P.I.M.P.
by Shanna Weitecha March 14, 2003
NokSide is fuckin nasty! I heard him in concert last week!
by Dylan DeGroff March 14, 2003
An East Coast rapper... known to rip a spit... Up and coming... watch out for his new album... it'll be hott...
Damn! I just saw NokSide with no shirt on and had an orgasm on my boyfriend!
by NokSide March 14, 2003
Hella HOT!
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
fricken hott...but a fuckin ass hole...and a pimp
by cali May 04, 2003

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