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18 definitions by Caleb

A rather strange person, usually found in a technical field. The stereotypical fhqgwad is usually a technical support agent.
That guy over there with the beer cooler under his desk.
by Caleb April 02, 2005
3 13
A long skinny penis, like a pencil dick
Your doch is like a wet noodle
by Caleb April 10, 2004
5 19
A slang for a really boring liturature book. Girls mostly use this word.
The bood im reading right now is totally lame!
by Caleb March 20, 2004
3 22
A driver who attempts to pass a car going less than 3 mph less than them, and does not speed up to do so, therefore effectively blocking 2 lanes for an unnecessary amount of time. Often an old person.
I wish this passhole would speed so I could pass the semi too.
by Caleb January 08, 2004
18 188