18 definitions by Caleb

hip hop freestyle crew
The Forilla crew is performing tonight.
by caleb July 16, 2003
to be a wus, to wimp out, to be scared,
dont be a puntanger just do it dude no worries
by caleb March 30, 2005
to be a pussy ( wuss) -(a bitch)
dude dont be a puntanger just do it
by caleb March 30, 2005
A lonely chipmunk who happens to be drifting among a shipwreck on the high seas. (This term is primarily used in the Northern Atlantic region of the United States and Canada)
I'm surprised that bikkin didn't get eaten by a hungry sea mammal! Crikey!
by Caleb September 07, 2003
A awesome band period... HEAVY METAL
by Caleb September 05, 2003
A brand of jeans and other clothing.
Dam! He looks so hot in his new diesel jeans.
by Caleb November 17, 2003
uberwanker, the motherwanker of all wankers, dedicates his life to the art of wanking
'my dick is sore :('
'yeah well, you asked for it murkenary !'
by Caleb April 03, 2003

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