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A caco is the Puerto Rican equivalent of a wigger/wangsta. Very similar to the cholo.

The female is caca. Who is also very similar to the chola and chonga.

They listen to reggaeton at full blast and their only known "dance move" is perreo (grinding).

Caco fashion consists of shirts at least 2 or 3 sizes larger, really low, baggy pants, cheap trucker caps, and sports shoes such as Nike, Reebok or Adidas.

They also wear a lot of over sized gold jewelry. Mostly large chains with huge golden charms. The amount of gold colored jewelry does not mean cacos are rich. Most wear gold-plated accessories, unless they work dealing with drugs or stole it.

The rides of cacos vary, but they like colored rims and lights, an obsessive amount of car stickers, a modified exhaust for extra loudness, a loud bass so everyone can listen to their reggaeton. They also like to change the color of the front and back hood or put a pattern on them.

The natural enemy of cacos are the "rockeros" (people listen to punk/rock and dress with that style).

Because they say these are "comemierdas" (snobs) and "satánicos" (Satanists), but mostly because the typical caco lacks intelligence and probably envies that rockero's are more educated.
Caco: Mera loco, que es la que hay?
by Cacos_Are_Tacky December 19, 2010

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