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2 definitions by CableGuy

The funniest freakin thing on the net. Pay no attention to Gio as he is probably a mofo and douchebag who is to much of a n00b to understand it.
Simmons: Why warthog, sir?
Sarge: Cause, M12LRV is to hard to say in conversation, son.
Grif: Yeah, but why warhog? I think it looks more like a giant cat. Like a puma.
Sarge: And what in sam hell is a puma?
Simmons: You mean like the shoe company?
Grif: No, I mean like a puma. It's a giant cat.
Sarge: Youre making that up.
by CableGuy May 05, 2004
183 52
1. Someone who passes gas frequently.
2. An suv that uses an impressive amount of fuel.
3. A slang term for a grunt off of the video game Halo
Dude, Steve, you're such a gasser!

My mom's Lexus is a total gasser.

Kill the little douche bag gassers. NO THAT'S ME YOU SMACKTARD!!!
by CableGuy May 08, 2004
10 26