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this is my name, and i know its hott, no need to tell me twice or 5 times. i love it too
Hello fellow peoples of america, my name is Afton...dont ask
by Cabla January 14, 2005
a "singer" from lousiana she actually cant sing..shes more of a slut..she likes to make out with madonna anda dance slutty b/c she's a slut..SHE CANT SING WORTH SHIT AND SHUD BE KICKED OUT OF THE ENTERTAINMENT BUISNESS
Christina Aguilera can sing while Britney Spears only sells records for being slutty.
by CABLA August 09, 2004
an extremly talented and beautiful performer!!!!!!!!! she's also very very very sexy!!!
Christina Aguilera is 100 times better then Britney Spears.
by Cabla June 25, 2004

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