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A type of methanphetamine that usually comes in small plastic bags with decorations on them called 'papers'. It looks like tiny crystals and can be snorted or eaten, but is usually smoked out of a glass pipe called a rose pipe (sold at some convinient stores and comes with a rose in them) or a lightbulb with the black part where you screw the bulb in removed, and a straw in it to catch the smoke, or sometimes smoked off of tin foil with a straw to catch the smoke and a lighter underneath. Usually doesn't effect the user the first time they use, but makes them feel very happy and speeds up their thoughts, but usually not their bodies as does crank.
"Is there any more crystal in the rose?"
"Hell no, lets call Billy and see if he can reload soon cause I'm a start fienin in a sec."
by Cali February 12, 2004
A person addicted to some type of speed whose favorite hobbies include taking things apart beyond recognition, sitting by the backdoor with a large knife, 'dieting', watching American Idol, and staying up for up to 2 weeks strait. They can some times be dangerous, but are usually a lot of fun.
Yea, that fucking tweeker was about to stab me when I walked through the door, but then she realized who I was! After I watched American Idol with her she gave me her TV to go across town and get her some more crystal. Yea, she's been looking really skinny...
by Cali February 10, 2004
A glass tube that can be bought at some convienient stores and comes with a rose in them. The glass tube is used for smoking crystal meth by putting the crystals in the pipe, heating in up until it melts with a lighter, and then slowly inhailing and then letting the smoke out without holding it in like marijuana. Most users keep their pipes in colored rags, usually red, sometimes blue, because the pipes will get hot and if someone walks up on them they can hide it without burning themselves. The crystal meth will re-crystalize around the pipe and the user will 'spin' the pipe to get all of the crystal meth out. Crystal meth can also be smoked out of a lightbulb by removing the black part at the base where the lightbulb should be screwed into an outlet, then the crystal meth is dropped down into the lightbulb and is heated as with the rose pipe until it melts and smokes, and a straw is put in so the user can suck the smoke in. Crystal meth can also be smoked by taking a piece of tin foil and putting the crystals on top, lighting the bottom until in melts, and running the lighter over it a little (so the foil doesn't burn) until the crystals smoke and then sucking it up through a straw. Another way to do crystal meth is to just snort it as it is, or by crushing it up (the bottom of a lighter works good, but don't use the bottom of a lighter to crush pills because the pill will fly across the room or wherever you are)and then putting it into lines (a regular playing card works great for this)and then snorting in. Tips for this include putting the lines on a flat hard surface, especially glass or marble, and when you first do this don't do a G line (a large line, save that for later) do a more skimpy line so you can test it out first. You can also swallow it, but I've never done this, so you may want to stick to the other methods. Stay safe and don't shoot up, even if these methods above stop working, remember that crystal is an easy drug to quit because the withdrawals are psycological, and if you quit you can always wait and then start again when your body is used to NOT having it, like methadone (SEE methadone)
Crystal meth can be okay if you know how to do it and are safe about it, which is why I've written all of this.
by Cali February 12, 2004
I remember 20 years ago or so, the word 'Techno' was used more similarly to the way the word 'Electronica' is used now.

Over time, 'electronica' has seemingly assumed its position at the top of the tree, and 'techno' has sort of un-evolved into a less broad, or more specific term.
"In the 80's we called it techno; now we call it electronica."
by Cali June 28, 2004
the stuff that is left over when you erase something. (that gray matter that you have to brush off your paper)
Don't erase too much, I don't want URDOO all over my desk.
by cali June 13, 2004
To replace the the word 'fuck' in the sentence 'what the fuck' to make it more appropriate around others. It is said in a arabic accent to make it sound funnier.
I slapped my brother across the back of the head because I had a spurt of energy and because my mom was near, he yelled back at me "WHAT THE KANUFNUF"
by Cali August 03, 2003
fricken hott...but a fuckin ass hole...and a pimp
by cali May 04, 2003
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