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1. A short (sometimes fat) mom who gives her kids (little angels) absolutely no freedom by scheduling everything known to man. Between 3:30 and 6:30. Even scheduling time able to be spent with friends. They also drive the biggest SUV/ minivan around and complain about gas prices. The inside do there SUV/minivan is usually filled with cheerios, sticky stuff, and other assorted snacks and drink causing a weird funky-ass smell. They are also the people at soccer and other non-contact sport) resulting in the growth of pussy children) with noise making objects such as horns, air horns, and other loud obnoxious things. You may also see them taking over the road and cutting you off on the road resulting in flipping people off, head-on collisions, and ass kicking. They are also the people who put censors on anything. You can’t say a curse near the children otherwise you will get yelled at. There kids are based around being spoiled and ESRB ratings, movie ratings and edited music. They are the people with the kids who yell at there parents and control the household. Usually married but dad is never around.

While driving in my 69 Roadrunner to buy my kids the new Grand theft auto game and a KORN CD, a Dodge Caravan cut me off nearly hitting my car resulting in a soccer mom ass whooping. When I got to the store and my kids got the game and CD, another soccer mom (who was buying her bratty children 2 copies of the same Sponge bob game) told me that am inappropriate for children so I told her to fuck off and let me raise my own children. Then while blasting the KORN CD near a soccer game a heard of coffee drinking soccer moms told me to turn it down because of language which I just turned up even louder.
by CWC November 27, 2006

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