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when you think one thing is going to happen but a completely different thing occurs, or when you have an idea but it turns out to be completely wrong
guy #1: "man look at that chick up ahead she's got a bangin body"

guy #2: "whoa dude.. that's not a chick that is a fuckin dude!"

guy #1: "oh man I got totally mind dangled"
by CVdizzle January 22, 2010
when a hockey player gets 2 assists in the same game
Joe: dude I totally got the first 2 assists of my career tonight

Mike: holy fuck no way the rarely-seen Danny Paille hat trick!!! congrats brosef
by CVdizzle January 12, 2010
when you see pictures of a chick on facebook and she looks smokin' hot, and then eventually you meet her in person and she is significantly less attractive than you expected, and has a kind of weird personality, and you are disappointed.
"hey man good luck tonight with that hot facebook chick"

- 5 hours later -

"dude I met up with the chick at this local sports bar and she was like 4 feet tall and not nearly as attractive as i thought, and she was kinda weird to boot.. i knew within like 10 minutes I didn't like her"

"man that sucks you totally got van hausered, oh well live and learn eh"
by CVdizzle January 22, 2010
means "fuck you"
"eat bread Dgraf, you never shut up"
by CVdizzle January 22, 2010

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