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An attitude fed to women by the media and other females

that bestows upon them illusions of superiority and selfishness. Also brought on to many attractive females over time by means of many males who have ventured into the friend zone by catering to the respective female's every beck and call.
Karen invites us to a random party and expects me to drive her and buy her drinks, then she gets pissed off cuz I said I couldn't because I had to visit my sick grandmother.

Really? I'll called her up to see if she needs a ride, I wasn't even invited, but whatever, it's only a 1hr drive across town from my place to her's.
Yeah, I lied about my grandmother. I'm not gonna spend gas and alcohol money and have to deal with a case of Princess Complex.
by CSCC August 24, 2011
Troll Science or Troll Physics is a way to piss off anal science people by using commonly known science theories and twisting them into senseless money making / world changing / problem solving ideas that can only be known as trolling. Followed by a taunt to a known figure of that subject.
Science: A source of clean energy to fuel cars is not yet found.

Troll Science: Simply place a magnet in front of cars with a magnet in front of it (use additional magnets for additional speed) Clean energy found! Sell patent right to all car company and make infinite money, solve Global Warming. U jelly, Henry Ford? Problem, Al Gore?
by CSCC January 25, 2011
Someone who disappears into thin air, only to reemerge from the bathroom fresh from taking a shit.
-Hey, where did Mike go?
-I don't know, he didn't tell anyone where he's going

~10 mintues pass by~

-Oh there he is coming out of the bathroom
-Damn it, Mike's such a ninja shitter
by CSCC September 29, 2010
A strip club that lets you touch the strippers
-yo man, how was that new strip club you went to last night?
-dude, I couldn't even touch the girl I dropped $500 on. Next time I'm gonna make sure it's a petting zoo before I go!
by CSCC April 10, 2012

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