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2 definitions by CRC

Drop the kids off at the pool= another phrase for taking a crap.
Ill be right back, iv got to drop the kids off at the pool.
by CRC November 11, 2007
To engage in any number of sexual acts in an incredibly drunk and excessively degrading manner. Often characterized by participating in group sex, forgetting the names of partners, groping ladies in bathrooms, and giving a dirty sanchez or angry dragon. Derived from the nickname of one of the University of Washington's most infamous womanizers, it serves as a substitute for or addition to countless obscenities, vulgar activities, and everyday phrases.
I smo'd the hell out of that girl last night! What was her name again?

Baby, don't stop sucking me off, but I might throw up soon - the whole world is spinning in smo-motion!

Open wide, bitch! I'm about to unleash a smo-storm in your mouth!
by CRC November 22, 2007