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4 definitions by CP1477

A word used to describe good times in life. Similiar to "nice" but slightly more radically left.
Wow, George W. Bush just fell into a comma and may never come out. Man, thats buce!
by CP1477 March 01, 2004
A rape young girls without any guilt or liability because of high priced lawyers.
I almost kobed my way through life, but my lawyers didn't accept my "IOU's"
by CP1477 February 10, 2004
Way to stick a tree in the environments proverbial butthole
Walmarts development claimed to help the community, but just brought traffic and the destruction of biota habitat.
by CP1477 February 10, 2004
A way to describe no one, while refering to everyone "else"
She may not be tall or thin but she has a great personality
by CP1477 February 10, 2004