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An affliction that someone who attends the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) suffers from. It tends to occur when they take a required gym class and automatically become the greatest at the topic of the course. It also occurs when the tremendous amount of knowledge and power that an RIT education provides overtakes everything else they have ever learned and they instantly become the smartest person ever at everything.
My brother suffered bad RIT Syndrome when he took a gym class in kick-boxing and proceeded to try kicking me in the face every time he saw me for the next 2 years.

My office-mate has horrible RIT Syndrome. He can hardly talk about anything other than how much better RIT is than every other school.
by CMIF LM January 30, 2012
When someone does/says something and another person puts it on urban dictionary.
I put what you said up on urban dictionary last night. BOOM. You've been urban dictionary'd.
by CMIF LM February 09, 2012
Nothing says you're a pretentious ass hole like wearing an ascot.
Mike decided he wanted to start wearing ascots, what an ascot hole that guy is going to be.
by CMIF LM February 04, 2012
To cause a tremendous amount of financial burden by backing out of a situation at the last possible second, resulting in lost deposits, and a lost opportunity to save money.
One day after signing over a deposit, that son of a bitch couche'd me. Couche really is one letter away from being a douche. Damn Amherst kids.
by CMIF LM April 01, 2013

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