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Save Some Shit for Saturday and Sunday.

A work term signifying the process of working slow and leaving work to be completed on the weekend.
Person 1 : Yo that guy Rey works so slow.

Person 2: Yea those cholos are lazy man, always 5S'ing this joint. He wants to get the overtime.
by CLK500 January 27, 2012
A non-derogatory term. A Malaysian with dark skin. Chinese/Vietnamese/Malaysians are usually associated with yellow skin. But when one of the above ethnicity has a brown like (Indian) skin tone, they are refereed to as Reese. Reese like the Peanut Buttercup Candy; because it is chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside.
1.) Yo that guy Pabir will never be part of the Triads, because he is a Reese. He is not yellow enough.
2.)Yo mama's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, there's no wrong way to eat her.
3.) That Reese never puts Siracha on his food.
by CLK500 January 05, 2012
Acronym : Oh Shit Its Monday Again.
MOMMY: Time to wake up for work.

CACHEX: OSIMA!. The weekend is over already! Lets go Pikachu
by CLK500 February 24, 2012
A BBQ party where food is cooked based on the timing of guests' arrival. The raw and marinated food is laid out, and as guest arrive they throw whatever they like on the grill and cook it till it is ready to eat. This way the food does not get cold, and the party host is not responsible for "manning" the grill.
Hence the term "Korean" - just like in Korean BBQ restaurants where the raw meat is cooked at the table per the patrons liking.

Person 1: AYO! Am I late for the BBQ? How come the food is not cooked?

Person 2: Allister's having a Korean Cookout foo. The food is on the table. Go cook your own food.

Person 1: Aww Yeah self-service!
by CLK500 March 30, 2012

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