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A word that Andy Gray (the famous Scottish football commentator) shouts whenever he sees a piece of football that he particularly enjoys.

The word can be extrapolated to the words 'take a bow son', but in Andy's often excited and almost certainly Scottish nature, these words somehow fuse into this monstrosity.

The word can be pronounced in many different ways, however it is usually the custom in parks and recreational areas around Britain, whenever someone has scored an extremely good (or extremely flukey) goal, to adopt a highly comical Scottish accent (unless you are actually Scottish) and shout the word as loudly and quickly as possible.

Most people put an unnecessarily high pitch on the 'tik' at the start of the word, however as mentioned before this is not compulsory.
That's a great goal by the young lad, Martin! Tikabooson!
#great #skilful #exceptional #bitching #flukey
by CIBA November 03, 2006
A slang term to describe the popular Australian lager, Fosters.

Comes from the fact that a dingo is a type of Australian wild dog, and Fosters generally tastes like Australian wild dog piss.
Chav at the bar: "I'll have a pint of Dingo piss, and a blue WKD for the lady please mate."

Landlord: "Have you got any ID? You look about 12. And take your hat off inside my pub you scruffy bugger."
#lager #piss #dingo #australia #chav
by ciba June 05, 2007
Northern slang term for Wm Morrisons Supermarket, a major retail establishment in the UK.
Let's go to Morriebobs for summat to eat, I'm starving.
#supermarket #morrisons #food #booze #yorkshire
by ciba June 08, 2007
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