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proof that even the dumbest, laziest, and most self-serving person can become president of the united states... assuming you have a rich white family.

see also: moron
I don't know who is dumber: President Bush or the country itself for re-electing him... He must have fixed the election somehow... 30% approval ratings don't lie!
by CHvictor February 07, 2007
(1) a derrogatory term for the university teams at north carolina state university. (2) a bastardization of their team the Wolfpack.
Hey, the Fudgepack lost to UNC again last night. They really suck at basketball, huh?
by CHvictor February 07, 2007
a university of north carolinian hicks who couldn't get in to dook or chapel hill because they were too busy making love to their tractor and sister simultaneously. they think that UNC is their big rival, but UNC really couldn't give a damn. ncsu is the poor bastard redhead stepchild of the Triangle.
Did you hear about the pig-fucking contest at NCSU last night?
by CHvictor February 07, 2007
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