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5 definitions by CHP

The hottest chick to ever live.

She had a bunch of cooking shows, and was a spy or something in World War II.
I masturbate to Julia Child whenever her show is on TV.
by CHP May 31, 2005
20 7
halo is the best game in the world.
It is riticuled by those who dont have an xbox because they are missing out on all the loads of fun that they cant get because they dont have live. Suck it sideways retards.
Halo is so good people who play it once ditch their ps2s and buy an xbox.
by CHP December 08, 2004
36 35
actually, this is spelled assbelunker
Mr Brian J Gyrus, "bryguy", or Mr Gyrus
by CHP October 31, 2004
5 5
A kid who constantly has male reproductive organs, inserted in his rectum... or at least walks like it.

Chronic masturbater, he wacks off in his girlfriends bathrooms, doesnt clean it up, and leaves... and we never mentioned she was 4 years younger than him.
You shouldnt try pulling a james stevenson, hes a deusche.
by CHP October 31, 2004
13 13
Good Luck
Drumline lyngo.
I say it before every halftime show.
Posh posh Ron, posh posh.
by CHP April 16, 2005
5 11