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1 definition by CHLOCAMSTEPHROB

A tall person usually with a giant mole on his right eye. ends to wear clogs on his better dressed days. Chooses to teach chemistry at rmhs to poor innocent girls who don't do anything wrong but TOOLS ON THEM ALL THE TIME EVEN THOUGH SOME PEOPLE ARE LAUGHING ABOUT NOTHING IN THE BACKGROUND UNLIKE US. People like to use names for him like this:
1. Tom
2. Cat
3. Kitty Cat
4. Tom Tom
5. Tommy
Christopher Thomas's like to threaten girls for detention after school, then doesn't give boys like, Nolf, for instance, for insulting him like we do. Btw, Nolf&Emily=<3
"hey tom whatsup"
"its mr. thomas faggot"
"oh im going to africa in may"
"oh on a safari?"
"where in africa?"
"um well..... Tanzania"
"i was much cooler as a senior than i was as a freshman"
"were you a chemistry nerd"
*smirks and walks away*FUCKER
by CHLOCAMSTEPHROB January 24, 2009