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Oklahoma is a state that at first seems like a nice, friendly place. Then soon you realize that it is pretty nice, as long as you aren't black, gay, jewish, muslim, or a democrat.
I don't wanna drive through Oklahoma, I'm scared of rednecks.
by CGPinFL June 11, 2009
The western suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri. Towns include Ballwin, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Ellisville, Eureka, and Wildwood.

People from here are usually easy to spot. Look for men with sock and sunglass tans. The women usually sport short hairdo's that went out of style 8 years ago everywhere else but Missouri. The girls look like A&F ho's and the boys like they are auditioning for an LFO reunion concert. The teens can often being heard saying "that's gay" while loitering at the Torrid store.

Other traits include the love of jesus, mc mansions, believing the world is only 2,000 years old, and that the planet is their's to shit all over. They love republicanism and are scared of anyone that doesn't look like, think like, or act like them (you know who you are, black kid behind the Orange Julius counter).
I would rather give myself a circumcision with a KFC spork than live in west county.
by CGPinFL June 11, 2009
the hump dogs form in their backs when preparing to pinch off a giant loaf.
uh oh, kylie's got the take a dump hump, better get her outside quick!
by CGPinFL June 16, 2011

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