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A group of college students who are studying the subjects needed to apply to medical school. Like all groups, they include people who are nice and people who are not, as well as people who are smart and people who are not, among other categories. The not-so-nice and the not-so-smart however is what some think of when they think of the word "pre-med". These are usually the sly people who try to get by and make up for their not-so-smart-ness by being backstabbing users. But people forget such people exist in other groups as well as they are all around us and arguably needed for society to accurate understand what makes humans human.

People who are pre-meds want to be doctors for many reasons, including the good reasons (which does not mean they have to join the army to save people because it will mean other sacrifices such as sacrificing being with their family) and not so good reasons. These not so good reasons include the misguided idea that they can make a lot of money, which is actually not true if they look at the amount of, for example, insurance they have to pay.
Premed 1: I think I'll drop premed after this test.
Premed 2: What, why? How?
Premed 1: I'm trying to score a C so I can show my parents and maybe they'll finally let me be a math major.

Premed 1: I now understand why doctors are so douche.
Premed 2: You mean "douche" like someone walking around with a "number 1 premed" shirt?
Premed 1: -Looks down at shirt- Oh yeah...

Person: I hate pre-meds; they're such asses. Look at that one walking around with a "number 1 premed" shirt?
Premed: You mean like the guy walking around with a "biology major and proud" shirt?
Person: -Looks down at shirt- Oh yeah...

Person1: I hate people who use words like douche and tool. It's just so...
Person2: Douchey?
Person1: Yeah, seriously. Why can't they just talk regular words? It's not like we don't already have words that mean the same thing.
by CEnn March 04, 2012
Some kid who sings. He's not actually bad in comparison to what is out there, but in comparison to what SHOULD be out there, he's not good. Same goes for his lyrics but since we are in a phase where one good reframe is enough for a good song, there's actually nothing wrong with him.

He has looks and he has a decent personality compared to, for example, some boy you'd meet regularly in your life. People who hate on him are following a fad or have some kind of personal problem, most likely esteem issues, but there are many other famous people in the world who should be hated much more for similar reasons people claim is why they hate him (i.e. him being talentless instead of him being good-looking and talentless).

He's as arrogant as a typical teenage boy and his voice is rather high, but both he will probably grow out of, similar to how there is a chance he will also grow out of his fame since these things usually have a life-expectancy.
Guy1: Justin Bieber has no penis.
Guy2: ...Right, I thought this gathering was about thinking up ways to end world hunger.

Girl1: Omg, I hate that girl-woman Bieber. He is setting such a bad example for America.
Girl2: Because we should definitely be blaming some kid instead of say, the parents raising America.

Guy: He can't sing and he's a fucking loser.
Girl: Are you sure that's why you hate him and it's not because you actually just like me without realizing it and I, like many, many teeny-boppy girls, have many posters of him, especially next to the stack of Twilight books by my bedside table?
by CEnn March 04, 2012

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