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An individual who chronically masturbates, typically 3+ times a day on average.
"Where the hell is Joe?"

"I told you he'd be late cause he's beatin' it. The kid is a total whackaholic."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
adj - That particularly shitty feeling after a long night of drinking Old Milwaukee. Usually symptoms include a pounding headache and the beer shits.
"Hey, where the hell is Duff?"

"He won't be in for another couple hours, he's got a pretty bad case of the Old Milwaukee blues."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
Similar to Muff Diving, however, this form of oral sex requires straws through the nose to aid in breathing.
"I was giving her great oral, but needed to switch over to muff snorkeling after about 30 minutes."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
Noun: Garbage chute
"Hey, have you seen Dave?"

"Let's see if we can reach him on the custodial intercom."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
adj; A dead end employment opportunity, usually referring to custodial or food services.
"I heard you took that custodial job on campus."

"Yeah, turns out to be a pretty good mopportunity."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
An underage individual who transports alcohol, usually in very large quantities, to places such as dorm rooms, house parties, etc. A Bootkegger typically transports alcohol for other underage individuals.
"I'm starting to sober up."

"Yeah, I don't know why we picked John to be our Bootkegger."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008

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