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4 definitions by CCC

cunt, vagina
uske phudee phudak rahee hai
by ccc July 25, 2003
A man whose drug use exceeds his common sense and capability to make wise and comprehendable desicions. A man who is frequently late to certain importnant band practices and such.
damn that swartz does a crack load of acid.
by ccc March 02, 2005
Before the "Shocker" there was the alien gun

Place two in the "stink" and one in the "pink"

HOW TO: With the right hand form/create a gun(index finger out and thumb up), Extended middle finger (double barrel), then Extended pinky.....now shoot it..with recoil

(repeat recoil 3 times, then use slogan)

SLOGAN : " You like that?" said like a Joey on "Friends"
guy 1 : Yo where were u last night?
guy 2: Hooked up with this chick?
guy 3: Did you alien gun her?
guy 1: Bear shit in the woods?

*High fives all around*
by CCC March 09, 2004
The motion of you rubbing the head of your penis in a foward direction only. (as pretend or not)

motions like: peting a snake on the head or turning on a flashlight

Turning it "on" is a descriptive task

Give a thumbs up
now rub the tip of your thumb to the heel in a forward direction and repeat
Watching a sweet chick walk by, but can't say a word..

use "the flashlight"
by CCC March 09, 2004