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28 definitions by CC

simply the best football player in the whole world
La mano de Dios
by CC April 20, 2004
265 213
this is absolute bullshit!!
this is crap!!
estas son chigaderas!!
by CC April 11, 2004
71 31
1. A term for someone whos dirty or has poor hygeine. similar to scrubby
2. An act that is considered foul
3. Someone who has low morals
1. "Have you seen him lately hes lookin totally muddy"
2. I cant believe she did that in a bathroom thats so muddy"
3. "How could he go out with her everyone knows shes muddy"
by Cc March 26, 2005
43 19
A 'lol' (laugh out loud) with an added "ler" at the end.

As with "lolz" and "lolz0rz", "loller" is just another form of lol.
by CC June 23, 2003
61 37
Crossing the bridge from Detroit to Windsor, ON to go to the strip clubs.
The strip clubs in Detroit were just not raunchy enough so we went on a Canadian Fishing Trip
by CC June 03, 2004
23 6
to strike by any means necessary normally with a slap or a backhander
hafifa gave me a big kuff for calling her tonka tough
by cc July 04, 2004
37 23