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The mental and physical ailment of missing one's cuddle buddy. Symptoms include the Following: Random cuddling of pillows, crying yourself to sleep, obsessive texting of one's Non-Present Cuddle Buddy, ease of sexual excitement when dwelling on one's Cuddle Buddy, establishing a pet name for the missed Cuddle buddy, excessive discussion of said Cuddle Buddy, and feeling that one's bed sheets are always cold.
Hazards of Cuddle Buddy Withdrawal include: Glomping one's Cuddle Buddy the next time one sees them and have fun private time with them.
There is a support group for this disorder. There are currently 4 members of this group.
Chris: Hey Jeanine, is that Liz over there?
Jeanine: Uh-huh!

Chris: Why in God's name is she holding onto that pillow for dear life? o.0
Jeanine: She misses Brandon. And She's also going through Cuddle Buddy Withdrawal.
*Chris and Jeanine proceed to go get pillows of their own to battle their Cuddle Buddy Withdrawal as well.*
by CBWSupportGroup January 10, 2011

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