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1. a word used to force emphasis on a phrase

2. the greek god of the ocean

3. the god t-pain wants to look at him

4. michael phelps
POSIEDON, look at me, yeah
by CBFTREVVYTREV April 19, 2009
a group, preferably one that comprises a luch table, that one a select few can ever enter.

Anyone not at table one for luch is a chode boy fresh
by CBFTREVVYTREV April 19, 2009
any kid who is related to a loser, preferably his son, who acts all chodey and whatnot, getting pulled over high,and thinks he is bad ass even though he doesnt have any real friends.

he hurts on the inside, but still no one cares, and it is well-deserved
Trevor Reed is a fucking Chode Boy Fresh
by CBFTREVVYTREV April 20, 2009

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