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The small of a woman's back. Short for cum-shelf, because it's where a guy will often bust a nut when he's doing it doggie style in a porn flick, usually poolside.

Closely related shelf art
Dude I busted a nut on her shelf! Right on top of her shelf art.
by CB January 18, 2005
MAC machine; ATM machine
I got to hit the wack attack (for some cash)
by cb February 21, 2003
The obituary section of a newspaper.
I was reading the irish sports pages and I found out that Old Man Boyle croaked.
by cb June 16, 2004
the biggest fag that have ever lived. causes discomfort and feelings of vomiting whenever around. stay away from this individual or you might get infected.
i saw Dion Scruggs last night and he made me want to throw up
by CB November 24, 2004
gand woh jagah jo jab chodte waqt fuddi puree geelee ho jaye tab kaaam aaaateeeee hai... lund ko thora ragarh dene ke liye...
jaise meine pehaley uskee fuddi mari phir uske baaaand gand bheeee mari
by cb September 18, 2003
To give yourself up freely to get some ass.
I put out last night.
by CB February 03, 2003
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