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3 definitions by CAMMYdoodles

adj. Being of male species and having an extremely emotional menstrual cycle. With up and down emotions. Ranging from one day to a whole month.
Girlfriend: "Damn Billy you've been acting really emotional lately".
Billy: "Sorry babe, I've been on my manstrual cycle, should clear up when I drop my balls".
by CAMMYdoodles February 04, 2009
6 0
adj. Somebody who is incompetent and ignorant. In other words a total fucking retard.
Tom, you're such a Pickle Fuck Face.
by CAMMYdoodles January 17, 2009
8 2
vrb. The act of making love.
Me and LaShawnda just got done doing the Horizontal Tapdance.
by CAMMYdoodles January 21, 2009
2 2