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A name someone calls a person when they get killed by a person using a sawed-off shotgun in Gears of War 3
Jared: Man i'm wrecking with the gnasher right now

*gets killed by the sawed-off shotgun*

by CA-MACHO October 04, 2011
after you take a huge shit your butthole still burns for many minutes.
friend: dude why are you walking so weird?

you: dude i just got fire in the hole

friend: i am so sorry
by CA-MACHO September 08, 2011
As seen on South Park, it is a word used to describe a person who is thinking about buying a Harley Davidson. (also see fag)
dad: im thinking about getting a harley.
son: wow dad, youre biker curious
by CA-MACHO October 12, 2011
When a facebook, myspace or twitter user is mad and makes a status out of complete rage and noone gets it or even notices it
kid: oh man i just rage posted...

man: all my news feed is rage posts D:
by CA-MACHO October 18, 2011
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