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the very first American ska band, based in N.Y.C.
founders of all that is ska in the U.S.A.

i assume the name come from the term toaster meaning a gun (also gatt, heat, heater, or burner)
some people call us trouble
some people call us tuff
some people call us nasty name
but their girlfriends call us up
cause they want to know the answers
to all these bad thigns that i do
a piece of led right in you head is all if got for you
ska killers, toasters U.S.A.
by C0BEX October 07, 2003
used to insult a friend in a friendly way, often sung to the tune of "shake your booty" by KC and the sunshine band or beethoven's fifth symphany
facefaceface, facefaceface, faceface faceface

face face face faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, face face face faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
by C0BEX October 06, 2003
a nickname for anyone usually to get attention or just to be comedified
daddy would you like sausage

later daddy
by C0BEX October 06, 2003

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