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An alternative to the syberian clutch, but rather than coming from the back you approch your victom from
the front.
Dude I was about to give that girl over there the syberian clutch but she turned around before I could do it, so I switched to the hungarian forklift.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009
A combination of the syberian clutch and the hungarian forklift.
The cambodian hamock is when you and your bro perform the syberian clutch and the hungarian hamock to some girl at the same time for full penetration.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009
Where you take the thumb and clamp it deep into her poopshooter while your ring and middle finger slip into the
vag hole, You then proceed to put you chin on her shoulder
Hey bro I just walked up behind this girl and totally gave her the syberian clutch, she was getting it and she didnt even know it.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009
You got some chick on all fours and your giving it to her hard and she cant handle it and her arms give away and her face grinds across the bed.
Hey bro I was banging this girl good while she was on all fours and she took a boston digger.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009
You go down on some hoe and shes got a little five o' clock shadow down on her snatch.
I went to go eat her out and got a mad rug burn on my face form her Pubin Cubin.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009
This is where you mount some bitch from the rear and with a free hand torche her hair like a pull start.
I was doing her from the rear and started pulling her hair like a Texas Chainsaw Assacre.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009
When your going hardcore missionary style and you give her a swift hit the stomach making her shit all over the place.
Dude she wouldn't stop talking when I was giving her the missionary so I gave her a little Brazillian Ju-Shit-Su.
by C.I.C April 25, 2009

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