3 definitions by C-Perm

When a girl is riding your cock and kicks her body to the left or right on her way down in a swivel motion.
Yo, that bitch saudra was doing the swivel kick last night when we were banging.
by C-Perm December 01, 2006
A baby girl that is so sexy and fly, that one may just want to munch on.
(moo-chyums) Yo, That girl katie is one of the finest pieces of ass I have ever seen; she is muchums.
by C-Perm February 03, 2007
When you stick your finger up your butt hole and smell it. If it doesn't stink then its a wonder.
That girl is so fine. After she took a shit she didn't even wipe, yet she still had a wonder.
by C-Perm June 15, 2007

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