9 definitions by C-Dawg (no, really)

From the word copper-scalp, refering to somone who is both stupid and a wanker. However, it is most commenly used for somone who, due to their own stupidity, makes thw wrong decistions and ends up being a heavy-set nobody.
" U-Turn only you piss-faced scalp!" -My dad
"Jeez, you can be a real scalp sometimes"-Me to my friend after he parked his car halfway up a hillock and forget to put the handbrake on. It knocked his dads fence over.
by C-Dawg (no, really) April 03, 2006
When about to emabrk on a hurried sex-session (usally at someone elses party) you reliase netheir of you has a condom. Luickily, you spot one that has been mistakenly left behid by somelse. Note: It is rarly on a actual pillow, but behind a couch or bed.)
God, thay pillow-candy saved my life. Too bad for her it was grape. Yuck.
by C-Dawg (no, really) April 02, 2006

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