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the act of ejaculating in the eye of a partner until that eye can no longer be used.
I was feeling baby girl so much i had to give her the pirate special
by C March 24, 2003
1337 speak. Means Like oh my god you are a cool dude.
joo have g-mail liek omg joo r teh kewl d00d0rz
by c January 23, 2005
stroke the dog through the letterbox
(euph). to slide your hand down the
front of a lady's knickers.
I had to stroke the dog through the letterbox to tide her over.
by C February 24, 2004
a chick that is not hot, but not ugly. you would DO her if the opportunity came up, but otherwise you would not PURSUE her.
I would say that girl is a do, but not pursue
by C March 02, 2004
A type of slang language mainly used by African Americans.
Hey yo, let's go rob dat bank and shoot dat person and smoke dat weed yo.
by C June 15, 2004
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