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Protestantism stemmed from the Reformation. Protestantism at its most basic is the belief in justification by faith alone, the priesthood of all believers, and the supremecy of the bible. There are countless protestant denominations and none of them can agree on anything beyond that. Some Baptists dislike being labeled Protestants and insist that they are christians while some Anglicans define themselves as Anglo-Catholics. Most Protestants are very decent people and are interested in serving God in the best way possible. Unfortunatly, protestantism has been tainted throughout the years by racism, elitism, anti-semetism, and worst of all, violent anti-catholicism.
Protestatism and Catholicism should get along since they are both worshipping the same God.
by C May 12, 2004
1337 speak. Means Like oh my god you are a cool dude.
joo have g-mail liek omg joo r teh kewl d00d0rz
by c January 23, 2005
stroke the dog through the letterbox
(euph). to slide your hand down the
front of a lady's knickers.
I had to stroke the dog through the letterbox to tide her over.
by C February 24, 2004
a chick that is not hot, but not ugly. you would DO her if the opportunity came up, but otherwise you would not PURSUE her.
I would say that girl is a do, but not pursue
by C March 02, 2004
To borrow or steal
You vadered that pic!
by C January 13, 2004
A very hairy pussy. Usually belonging to a woman with dark hair, who does not shave or prune her bush.
I didn't go muffdiving as she had a busby.
by C August 05, 2003
a cool white guy
One of my best friends is a John Ritter.
by C March 27, 2004

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