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Someone who thinks that all his problems are someone else’s fault, instead of realizing he is the cause of most of his problems. See dumb-shit
If ciriuz would think critically, he would certainly be better off than he is now.
by ByebyeDems December 11, 2003
Wrong definition: The most devoted fan.
Oh, they are the most devoted fans, yet most of the home games are blacked out? Hey, I see enough rader jackets on San Pablo Blvd to fill the stadium up, I wonder why they arn't at the game?
Correct definition: Loosers in the game of life, though always blame others for their own problems (see ciriuz).
Prisoners, people with double digit IQs,
by ByeByeDems January 07, 2004
The Gayest of gay. The definition of Gay in the dictionary. Super gay.
Bluesman sure is gay.
by ByeByedems May 28, 2004
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