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2 definitions by Bwerbs

"Low Bags" or saggy tittstons. Or the state of being truely fresh.
Danm That biddy's got some lobax.

These shoes? shits lobax son.
by Bwerbs March 06, 2008
Being so unbelievably blitted your eyes can shoot laser beams and your in wonderland off that sticky icky, Brewskies, Skittles, and or syrup.

Usually finding a friend at a party and realizing with your boy how fucked up he is.
A:Matt doesn't smoke that much does he.
B:No why we just burned like 3 L's with him.
C:The kid is fucking exzuted dude.

"I'm A Pill Poppin Animal, Syrup Sippin nigga im so high you couldnt reach me with a fucking antenna". - Weezy.
by Bwerbs March 06, 2008