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An amicable form of ejaculation, often a sign of friendship or affection, usually requested by a member of the female gender as a manner for escaping the loneliness of adolescence.
I wanted to be nice with her so I gathered a group of friends and gave her a friendly facial.
by Buttplug December 09, 2004
The physical, psychological, and spiritual saturation point of any male or female in the acceptance of male genetalia (or any suitable substitutes) in or on any part of the body. This threshold varies depending on the person and the extenuating circumstances of his or her engagement.

The critical cock capacity (c-cubed) is a constant that when multiplied with mass, equals energy. The proposed model for this interaction is E=MC^3.

Researchers have made conflicting claims on the range of C^3. Some believe the bottom limit is as low as 5 or 6 while others have proposed upward bounds of 17. As one Harvard researcher proclaimed: Back at Hahvard, the sky was the limit.
Egads! That girl has reached her critical cock capacity! Please refrain from administrating more cocks, as it might result in permanent damage.

My fiance has a higher critical cock capcity than yours.
by Buttplug May 11, 2007
The act of squeezing semen out of the vagina immediately after the male partner has ejaculated into it.
I watched my girlfriend cumdripped after I blew my load into her. It was an effective form of contraception
by Buttplug December 09, 2004
A ho ass niggers ho ass baby
Look at that watermelondria
by BUTTPLUG November 29, 2014
1. Someone without a job.
2. Someone without money.
3. A dude who somehow manages to get all the chicks.
I got fired last week, so I think I'm gonna be a musician.
by buttplug December 05, 2003

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